Artist's Choice Saturated Paints
Available in ounces, pints, quarts, gallons
# Name Color
0 parts water
1 : 5
1: 10
7724 Gold

Gold - 0 parts water

Gold - 5 parts water

Gold - 10 parts water

7725 Silver

Silver - 0 parts water

Silver - 5 parts water

Silver - 10 parts water

7727 Copper Copper - 0 parts water

Copper - 5 parts water

Copper - 10 parts water

Metallics Directions


Opaque Translucence Mixing Shades
Colored Pastes Application No Oxidation Dry Time Clean Up
Porous Surfaces Flat Finish Gloss Saturated Non-toxic
Tones Tints Compatibility Adhesion Surface Prep

Sculptural Arts' Artist's Choice Saturated Metallics: rich bright colors composed of mica-platelets suspended in a resin base. These paints flow on smooth, and dry to reflect realistic metal brilliance.

Color Pigment saturation produces deep, pure vibrant hues making them ideal for use in Theatre, Video, Television, Film, Museums, Exhibit, Display, Commercial/Industrial and Fine Arts applications. These paints are non-toxic and safe to use - no need to mess with toxic bronzing powders.

No Oxidation: Artist's Choice Metallics cause no rust or oxidation in the can.

Coverage: Aritist's Choice is a color pigment saturated paint that can be used straight out of the can; 1 gallon without dillution covers approximately 350 sq. feet over various smooth, non-porous surfaces. OR extend with water for large area coverage - 700 sq. ft or more depending on desired effects. (One half pint of water may be added without effecting hiding.)

Application: Artist's Choice Saturated Paints may be brushed, sprayed, rolled or sponged on. Use straight out of the can or mix with water. Stir thoroughly.

Adhesion: Artist's Choice Saturated Metallics adhere well to muslin, cotton, synthetic fabrics, scrim, mylars, acetate, rear projection screen material, textilene, canvas, wood, wallboards, papers, many plastics, vinyls, filons, metals, plaster, ceramics, concrete and masonry.

Compatibility: Artist's Choice Saturated Paints are compatible with Sculptural Arts Coating's Plastic Varnish, Tough N' White Primer and Sculpt or Coat. These colors can be mixed with latex and other water based paints or dry pigments.

Surface Prep: All surfaces must be clean and free of oil, wax, dust, dirt, scaling paint and other contaminants.

Rough Porous Surfaces: Prime first with Sculptural Art's Tough N' White Primer or seal with Sculpt or Coat.

Mixing: All Artist's Choice Metallics can be easily mixed with other Artist's Choice colors to create various metallic hues. ie. Aritist's Choice Copper easily mixes with red &/or earth tones to create antique copper, aged copper, and even Vernice Martins gold.

7724 Gold 7725 Silver 7727 Copper
Resembles costly gold leaf Simulates Aluminum and Chrome Great match for most new copper tubing

Shades: Created by mixing with.........7720 Masking Black

Tones: Created by mixing with...........7721 Neutral Tone Gray

Tints: Created by mixing with..........7722 White Or 7723 Double White

Opaque Results: Mix 1 part Artist's choice with 1-2 parts water.

Translucencies: Mix 1 part Artist's Choice with 5..10..15 or more parts water. Thin with water, tints, or Sculptural Arts Coating's Plastic Varnish to desired consistency.

Gloss: Straight out of the can
Flat: Let Dry. Top coat with 1 part Sculptural Arts' Plastic Varnish Flat and 1 part water.

Colored Pastes & Small Grain Texture: Mix Artist's Choice Saturated Paints with Sculpt or Coat. Add: sand, gravel, sawdust, etc. for additional desired textures.

Dry Time: Under normal conditions, dries in less than 1 hour. Low temperatures, high humidity, poor ventilation, may increase drying time. Use a shop or box fan to speed up drying time if needed.

Clean Up: Use warm water and soap to clean tools and equipment.

Cautions: Use adequate ventilation. * Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 45F. * Close Container after each use. * Store between 50F - 100F. * Keep From Freezing. * Do not take internally. * Avoid breathing spray mist. * Do not mix this water - based paint with oil based paints, turpentine or mineral spirits.

Warranty: Directions are as complete as possible, but cannot encompass all conditions, applications, techniques and/or surfaces which are beyond our control. The user must determine the suitability of this product for his or her particular application(s) and accepts full responsibility of that determination and responsibility for any consequential damages should they arise. The Manufacturer and Seller make no warranties expressed or implied and accept no responsibility other than replacement of product should it prove to be defective.

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